Fine art prints are printed on high-quality papers that boast high color depth and high archival durability. We work with about 30 different types of paper, from thick, textured paper to delicate Japanese paper: a wide range suited for almost every type of creation that we’ve carefully selected over the years from the endless array available on the market. Some papers are better suited for portraiture with softer tones, while others are better suited for abstract graphic works, while still others are best suited for large-format landscapes. We are happy to provide guidance on paper choice, attuned to the needs of each work and drawing on our extensive experience. The papers we source fall into roughly three categories: (1) fine art 100% cotton papers of the highest quality; (2) more affordable fine art papers; and (3) resin coated (RC) papers, reminiscent of Lambda C-Prints, our most affordable option. We offer three tracks for printing: a Direct Track for printer-ready files (without test prints), an Advanced Track that includes one test print per image, and our Expert Track, which includes up to three test prints per image and an in-person consultation session. Our Direct Track is a wonderful option for those who can prepare printer-ready files using a calibrated screen and who know which paper they prefer. Our Advanced Track and Expert Track are great options in cases where test prints are desired. Our Expert Track is the best option for those who prefer one-on-one guidance with respect to paper selection and preparation of a printer-ready file. In the in-person consultation session, one of our specialists will work on each image file with you and make test prints, to prepare a printer-ready file approved by you. This includes basic color corrections, as well as adjustments for darkness/brightness, contrast and saturation. We offer advanced image processing services at an hourly rate of NIS 350 for specific targeted adjustments or repairs to your digital image, such as retouching, selective color corrections, and the removal of unwanted objects. Prices reflect paper size and type.