Mounting is an important part of the framing process, in which a print is flattened onto a hard durable surface, in such a way that avoids modifying the print. Each mounting technique and surface has its own advantages. Budget and each work’s specificities are the two main factors in determining which technique and surface to use. Here are a few general guidelines! For museum-grade works we recommend mounting to Dibond®. For lower budget productions we recommend mounting on KAPA®line board. If the edges needs to be white or black we recommend mounting on PVC board. For prints that appear to "float" on the wall in HD quality, saturated with colors and super crisp like a screen, we recommend face mounting, preferably on glossy Perspex® acrylic sheets. For works longer than 120 cm with lower budgets we recommend mounting on gray KAPA®fix board, which is cheaper than Dibond®. We also mount on other surfaces, such as aluminum, wood, museum-grade cardboard, MDF panels and plywood, upon request. We can cut and mount prints in any shape using the CNC machine, so long as the shape can be expressed as a vector in a DXF file.