We opened our Photo Lab to embrace the resurgence of analog photography in Israel. In addition to processing & scanning film, our Photo Lab sells top-quality film, photo paper, chemicals, and equipment for home darkrooms at attractive prices. To ensure accurate development results, we test our chemicals daily. We process color film using the C41 Dip & Dunk method, so that the film we process only makes contact with processing chemicals, unlike traditional processes that pull film through chemicals using rollers. We process B&W film by hand with a JOBO processor. Our Photo Lab is located next door to our studio. Please note it has a separate entrance. Address: 21 HaThiya St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday: 10 AM - 6 PM & Friday: 10 AM - 2 PM. Drop off film at any hour. Our drop-off box is located to the right of our main entrance (not the Photo Lab door).