Traditional Hahnemuhle The Cappuccino Book 120gsm A4 portrait size 40 Sheets/80pages


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Color your world with the Cappuccino Book A4 from Hahnemuhle. This beautiful acid-free, age-resistant book features 40 sheets/80 pages of smooth light brown 120 gsm sketch paper. Artists will appreciate the paper's suitability for Indian inks, fountain pens, and acrylic markers. The hardback book has a stitched binding that allows the pages to lay flat. The cover offers a light grain that resembles wood, and is complemented with a brown ribbon page marker. The Hahnemuhle Cappuccino Book features a smooth light brown sketch paper which is well suited for Indian inks, fountain pens and acrylic markers, offering an alternative to traditional white backgrounds. Colors stand out well on the non-absorbing surface and can be highlighted with white accents.

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