Foma Retrobrom 152 SP 30.5×40.6 cm (10 Sheets)


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The 8 x 10", 25-count RETROBROM 152 Sp Grade #2 FB Semi-Matte Paper from Foma is a customized black-and-white paper featuring silver bromide iodide emulsion. It's made on a thick, double-weight fiber-based (FB) baryta paper base and offers a rich halftone scale. It can be used for exposure or developing. It has a fine-grain and warm green-brown tone, and the paper base is colored in a light green-yellow tint. The mid-level optical sensitivity of this paper allows contact copying and even enlarging to big formats. The specific warm tone makes this paper suitable for retro-style images, especially portrait photos but also for still life, landscape, structure and detail, abstraction, and other applications. It's also suitable for lith printing. The paper is produced in the Sp contrast grade.

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