Fomatone MG Clas 132 20.3×25.4 cm (25 Sheets)


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A unique fine art printing paper, this 25-sheet box of 16 x 20" Fomatone MG Classic 132 VC FB from Foma features a matte surface finish along with a baryta-coated double-weight fiber base. Designed for portrait photography and retro-styled imaging, this paper has a cream-colored warm base, and its silver chlorobromide emulsion produces notably warm tones that range from brown-green to warm-brown depending on processing. Its variable contrast designation enables working with multigrade contrast filters to suit working with varying negative densities, and it is receptive to toning as well. Additionally, the emulsion is particularly slow, making it especially well-suited to contact printing applications, however it is still suitable for enlarging with extended exposures.

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