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We mount the prints to hard surfaces in order to float them from the wall or as a another step in the framing process.

the mountings are made mainly on two types of materials:

Dibond / ACM (maximum level of archival preservation)
The surface is made from two layers of aluminum and a black polyethylene layer in between.

Upon the dibond surface which is 3 mm (or 4 mm) thick, We lay an acid-free adhesive tape manufactured in Germany (Neschen Gudy 831) and approved by the IPI – image Performance Test. This glue does not contain any toxins that might hurt the print in the future.

Kapa Fix (high level of archival preservation)
The kapa fix is especially hard and is being supported by a very thin aluminum layer which makes the surface smooth and doesn’t allow him to bend in the future.

The kapa is manufactured in Germany and comes with a double sided adhesive tape in three sizes – 10 mm, 5 mm or 3 mm.

Acrylic – Face Mounting

A technique that protects the print from both sides without the need for framing. in this method the print is located between two rigid layers – the front layer is made from a transparent Acrylic (matte or glossy) that highlights the clarity of the colors and details. The back layer ,which is made from Dibond, keeps the print from any harm. This finishing option is appropriate for customers who don’t want to frame their work in a traditional way and also allows the work to be displayed by itself and without anything closing or holding it.

In addition, the print is also distanced from the wall  (1 or 2 cm) by an aluminium back frame that is attached to the back of the dibond.

Lamination – a protective film

In addition to the various surfaces you can mount your work on, we also offer the option to laminate your prints. in this technique the work is protected by a thin layer of plastic lamination film that protects the print from scratches, dust and grease stains. the lamination best suites for prints that are framed without any glass. The UV filters inside the film helps to delay the natural fading of the colors caused by prolonged exposure to natural or artificial light.

There are three options of laminating finishes: Matte, Satin and Glossy.

Matt – no reflections, the film is assimilated into the print.

Satin – preserves the natural luster of the print paper.
Glossy – emphasizes and adds reflections and light returns in addition to the paper’s regular gloss.


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